Genomics in Scotland: Building our Future Strategy: Implementation Plan Year One

Genomics in Scotland: Building our Future. Implementation Plan Year One 2024-2025.

Genomics in Scotland Strategy Implementation Plan

The Genomics in Scotland: Building our Future strategy sets out Scotland’s commitment to the development of a robust and sustainable national genomic medicine service. Our initial implementation plan will focus on the foundational and preparatory work needed, in collaboration with stakeholders across Scotland, to ensure that investment and partnership working is targeted to benefit those that need it most and delivers maximum value as part of the ongoing recovery and renewal of our health services.

The plan sets out the thirteen overarching aims from the strategy and details the initial actions that efforts will be focused upon over the following 12 months. A Scottish Government policy team is in place to ensure that the plan is implemented effectively, underpinned by the Scottish Strategic Network for Genomic Medicine (SSNGM) and its Patient Involvement Advisory Group. The plan also sets out the key delivery partners who will work towards the delivery of these initial actions. This is by no means an exhaustive list. As emphasised throughout the strategy document, partnership working across academia, the NHS, the third sector, industry and the wider public are essential to the implementation of every aspect of this work and we will work to identify opportunities and engagement across each of the actions outlined below.

A key element of the initial year will be the development of a core set of performance measures to monitor progress against the overall strategy and to more effectively benchmark Scotland’s genomic medicine service. We will report on these on an annual basis across the five-year term of the current strategy.

Thereafter we will publish subsequent implementation and delivery plans, building on the initial foundational work set out within this document.



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