General Practice: Contract and Context - Principles of the Scottish Approach

Letter response and memorandum of understanding to the British Medical Association Scottish General Practitioner Committee (SGPC).

5. Next Steps

5.1 We are committed to ongoing engagement and communication as negotiations and discussions progress. We continue to negotiate to reach agreement that will improve health and improve care.

5.2 We will consider carefully the advice from working groups on premises, workload and quality. And, with partners including the Scottish School of Primary Care, we will learn the lessons from the extensive programme of testing new models of care underway in each health and social care partnership area. This testing will inform decisions to invest significantly, in particular in primary care workforce and infrastructure, both physical and digital.

5.3 In March 2017 the parliamentary process for the Budget Bill will be complete. We will subsequently publish our joint agreement that will contain firm agreed plans for funding, workforce, infrastructure, workload and new ways of working.


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