Gender-based violence: NHSScotland PIN policy

This Partnership Information Network (PIN) policy aims to support a reduction in the risk to staff of gender-based violence and to ensure that appropriate action is taken where incidents of gender-based violence occur or where allegations are raised.

1 Introduction

The Staff Governance Standard6 commits NHSScotland to ensuring that all staff are treated fairly and consistently and that the minimum standards, as described in Partnership Information Network ( PIN) policies, are met or exceeded.

Staff working across NHSScotland have a clear entitlement to be 'provided with an improved and safe working environment' monitored through the explicit commitment in the Staff Governance Standard.

This Gender-Based ViolencePIN policy is designed to contribute to such a safe working environment and provide a clear framework for a partnership approach.

The policy has been developed to meet the requirements of the Chief Executive's Letter on Gender-Based Violence ( CEL(2008)41) 7. The CEL, issued to NHSScotland Boards in September 2008, outlines a 3-year programme of work to improve the identification and management of Gender-Based Violence across NHSScotland.

The impact of Gender-Based Violence on the health and well-being of NHSScotland staff is a serious, recognisable and preventable problem like many other health and safety issues that affect NHSScotland organisations. This policy has accordingly been created to promote the welfare of staff affected by current or previous experience of such abuse. It further aims to ensure that organisations respond effectively to staff members who may be perpetrators of such abuse.

In partnership with local trade unions/professional organisations, this PIN policy should be adopted and implemented as a minimum standard within NHSScotland Boards.

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