GDP First Quarterly Estimate 2023 Q2 (April-June)

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) statistics measure the output of the economy in Scotland. The GDP first quarterly estimate is a national statistics publication for Scotland.

Change in gross domestic product (GDP) is the main indicator of economic growth in Scotland. There are three ways in which GDP can be measured which should all produce the same result. Each of these approaches allows GDP to be broken down into different categories.


National Statistics status means that our statistics meet the highest standards of trustworthiness, quality and public value, and it is our responsibility to maintain compliance with these standards.


The designation of these statistics as National Statistics was confirmed in January 2011 following a compliance check by the Office for Statistics Regulation. At the same time these statistics were also fully assessed against the Code of Practice.

Since the latest review by the Office for Statistics Regulation, we have continued to comply with the Code of Practice for Statistics, and have made the following improvements:

  • Added more value by providing clearer publications, more detailed breakdowns and adding a second quarterly estimate of GDP
  • Assured quality by continually reviewing and improving our data sources and methods
  • Improved the transparency of our methodology and source data
  • Published GDP earlier by making our processes more efficient

More information on the ongoing improvements to Scotland’s GDP Statistics is available at


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