Funeral director licensing scheme for Scotland

A Scottish Government consultation on the proposed licensing scheme for funeral directors in Scotland.


1. This appointment occurred in January 2015, and thus preceded the 2016 Act. Regulation 2 of the 1935 Regulations (made under the 1902 Act) required every crematoria to be "open to inspection at any reasonable time by any person appointed for that purpose by the Secretary of State or by the Department". The 1902 Act was repealed by the 2016 Act.

2. See NRS website for 2022 Vital Events. Fourth quarter 2022.

3. Final report (

4. Dignity Funerals. Time to Talk About Quality and Standards: What people assume, want and expect from funeral directors.

5. Funeral director businesses will still continue to be subject to other statutory safeguards such as health and safety legislation which are separate to the 2016 Act.

6. For example, Scotland does not have a body similar to the Human Tissue Authority which monitors, inspects, and licences organisations that remove, store and use human tissue for research, medical treatment, post-mortem examination, education and training, and display in public. HM Inspector for Anatomy for Scotland is sponsored and supported administratively by the Scottish Government.

7. Letter from Permanent Secretary of the Scottish Government to Convenor of the Finance and Public Administration Committee (2023, 1 June).

8. For example, see Fish Heath Surveillance Programme and Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (Scotland) Regulations 2021



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