Funeral Director Code of Practice

The Funeral Director: Code of Practice (‘the Code’) applies to all funeral directors carrying out the functions of a funeral director in Scotland regardless of where their business is based.


73. The funeral director must have a written complaints procedure. The complaints procedure must be available on the funeral director’s website where this exists or must be made available as soon as reasonably practicable in paper or electronic form on request.

74. In the event of a complaint the complaints procedure must be followed and must include:

  • Advice for the client on how to make a formal complaint.
  • The funeral director’s procedures for dealing with a complaint and timescales for response.
  • A requirement that any complaint resolution or answer will be provided in writing to the client.

75. In the event of a complaint made against the funeral director the client may:

  • Raise a complaint with the funeral director directly. The funeral director must genuinely attempt to seek a resolution in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Raise a complaint with a trade association to which the funeral director belongs if applicable.
  • Raise a complaint with the inspectors.

76. Where a complaint made to a funeral director relates to a breach of this Code or the care of the deceased the funeral director must inform inspectors of the complaint within 48 hours of it being made.



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