Fuel Poverty (Target, Definition and Strategy) (Scotland) Bill and Fuel Poverty Strategy: health impact assessment

Health Impact Assessment on the policy development of the Fuel Poverty (Target, Definition and Strategy) (Scotland) Bill and Fuel Poverty Strategy.

8. Savings to the NHS of addressing fuel poverty

In 2014 it was estimated that fuel poverty cost the NHS up to £80m per annum in Scotland due to the health impacts of cold, damp housing.

Economic Impact of Improving the energy efficiency of fuel poor households in Scotland, 2014 – Consumer Futures Scotland.


A cost-benefit analysis by Professor Christine Liddell identified that investing £1 in improving affordable warmth delivered a 42 pence saving in health costs for the NHS.

Liddell C (2008) The Impact of Fuel Poverty on Children. Policy Briefing. Belfast: Save the Children.


Savings beyond those directly related to the NHS are also relevant, particularly to the public health service, such as those arising from improved mental wellbeing,

increased mobility within the home, healthier lifestyles such as improved nutrition or physical activity, and greater social connection.


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