Assessment and management of young people: guidance

Guidance for local authorities on the assessment of young people who present a risk of harm through sexually harmful and/or violent behaviour.

7. Conclusion

Children and young people differ from adults in marked ways. Although the FRAME standards are applicable to children and young people who present risks within the community, they need to be applied in a ways that recognise the developmental needs of this client group and which foreground their right to care and protection. Accordingly risk assessment has to be undertaken with competence in the specific skills and knowledge required in engaging children and understanding their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Intervention and risk management meanwhile needs to be undertaken in a way that understands how children's experiences of the world are embedded within the family, environment and educational systems around them if they are to be effective. All of these tasks need to occur within the unique policy and legal contexts that relate to work with children and young people in Scotland.


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