Assessment and management of young people: guidance

Guidance for local authorities on the assessment of young people who present a risk of harm through sexually harmful and/or violent behaviour.

1. Introduction

The Framework for Risk Assessment, Management and Evaluation ( FRAME) [1] produced by the Risk Management Authority in conjunction with partners [2] sets out the standards of risk practice, these will apply to children and young people involved with offending behaviour as well as to adults who offend. There are key aspects of risk assessment and management practice with children and young people which vary from such practices with adults. This guidance outlines these fundamental differences in legislation, policy and practice as it relates to each of the 5 FRAME standards, taking into account a tiered and proportionate approach to the level of risk.

This guidance also forms part of the Scottish Government's Whole System Approach to addressing the offending behaviour of young people. This approach involves putting in place a streamlined and consistent planning, assessment and decision making process for young people involved in offending to ensure they receive the right help at the right time. This approach works across all systems and agencies. It brings together this government's key policy frameworks into one holistic approach to deal with young people who offend.


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