Investigation and prosecution of sexual crime: follow-up review

Follow up to HM Inspectorate of Prosecution in Scotland's 2017 review of the investigation and prosecution of sexual crimes


New recommendations

Recommendation 1

COPFS should ensure that the victim strategy is initiated within a reasonable time in all cases, regardless of their procedural history and status.

Recommendation 2

COPFS should work with the police to ensure that processes for communicating with victims and witnesses who are looked after children take account of their individual circumstances and needs.

Recommendation 3

COPFS should work with Police Scotland to ensure that a police victim strategy is submitted in all appropriate cases and in accordance with agreed timescales.

Progress against 2017 recommendations

Recommendation 1: Achieved

Recommendation 2: No longer relevant

Recommendation 3: Achieved

Recommendation 4: In progress

Recommendation 5: Achieved

Recommendation 6: Achieved

Recommendation 7: In progress

Recommendation 8: Achieved

Recommendation 9: Achieved

Recommendation 10: Achieved

Recommendation 11: In progress

Recommendation 12 : Achieved



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