Witness transportation to and from the UK Covid-19 Inquiry: FOI release

Information request and response under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

Information requested

1. Did you provide transportation for witnesses to and from the UK Covid-19 Inquiry?

2. How much did you spend on transportation for witnesses getting to and from the UK Covid-19 Inquiry in Edinburgh?

a. Which ministers/officials did you provide transportation for?

b. For each of these, if possible, please provide start and end locations – these can be general areas if needed. (Eg, Glasgow to Edinburgh)


1. In line with arrangements for all public Inquiries, the Scottish Government has a responsibility to support those who are presenting their evidence to the UK Covid-19 Inquiry in relation to their role in the Scottish Government's response to the pandemic. This includes arranging transportation for witnesses to ensure they are able to arrive and leave safely and on time to respond fully to the Inquiries’ asks of them. We liaise with the Inquiry’s witness support team to ensure that the arrangements in place meet their requirements.

2. The Scottish Government spent £3673.73 on transportation for witnesses getting to and from the UK Covid-19 Inquiry in Edinburgh. This figure includes transportation costs for expert witnesses as well as former ministers, current and former officials listed under part (a) below. The cost also includes waiting time so that transport was available promptly at the conclusion of evidence sessions (the duration of which is at the discretion of the Chair) as well as pick up and drop off costs at the relevant location.

a. Transportation was provided for the following former ministers as well as current and former officials attending the UK Covid Inquiry in Edinburgh:

  • Audrey MacDougall
  • Caroline Lamb
  • Gregor Smith
  • Jason Leitch
  • Jeane Freeman
  • John Swinney
  • Kate Forbes
  • Ken Thomson
  • Lesley Fraser
  • Liz Lloyd
  • Sheila Rowan

b. General locations for each journey listed under part (a) are included below:

  • Audrey MacDougall – Edinburgh to Edinburgh - Return journey
  • Caroline Lamb - Edinburgh to Edinburgh -Return journey
  • Gregor Smith - Edinburgh to Edinburgh - Return journey
  • Jason Leitch – Edinburgh to Glasgow – Single journey
  • Jeane Freeman - Glasgow to Edinburgh - Return journey
  • John Swinney - Edinburgh to Edinburgh -Return journey
  • Kate Forbes - Edinburgh to Edinburgh -Return journey
  • Ken Thomson - Edinburgh to Edinburgh -Return journey
  • Lesley Fraser- Edinburgh to Edinburgh - Return journey
  • Liz Lloyd – Edinburgh to Edinburgh – Single journey
  • Sheila Rowan – Glasgow to Edinburgh - Return journey

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