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1. All the information you have in relation to the autism post diagnostic pilot 2020;

2. Emails/minutes of meetings/reports/documents/contract tendering/ the financial breakdown of what organisation received what and what for; and

3. Copies of the processes and criteria used to pick the organisations involved.


While our aim is to provide information whenever possible, in this instance we are unable to provide the information you have requested because an exemption(s) under section(s) 12 of FOISA applies to that information.

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However, to be helpful I provide the following information which I hope helps answers some of your queries.

At the national autism conference in 2019, and in our Programme for Government in 2019, we announced the development of a more consistent approach to the support given to newly diagnosed autistic people and their families. It is clear from the Covid pandemic that support services for autistic people and their families have had to change, and they have done so whilst still providing vital support. The Covid -19 experience has shown the capacity of the third sector to be flexible and to adapt to change and deliver high quality support. It has also to be acknowledged that it has shown the adaptability of many autistic people who have managed in extremely trying circumstances. Some of the adaptations made are fundamentally better suited to many autistic people with the use of video calling, live webchat etc. minimisng the need for face to face interaction.

We therefore, saw an opportunity to establish a national, post diagnostic service that drew on the lessons learned during Covid-19, that involved several partners working collaboratively to provide support.

On this basis, the Scottish Government has provided funding of around £250,000 to develop a pilot National Post Diagnostic Support programme for both children and adults.

This programme led by Scottish Autism, in partnership with National Autistic Society and Autism Initiatives and the Autistic People's Organisations, will build on the excellent support services already provided by these organisations and provide a national support provision accessible to autistic people and their families across Scotland.

We envisage the National service will:

  • enable families of newly diagnosed children to feel informed and empowered to support their child;
  • enable individuals diagnosed as autistic to embrace their identity;
  • provide support on a range of issues such as disclosing a diagnoses and practical help such as benefits; and
  • connect autistic people with peers.

Each of the organisations has areas of expertise that when combined will address the needs of autistic people.

The pilot, which is running from 1 December 2020 to 31 May 2021 will be independently evaluated to determine the outcomes for individuals and this will inform our decision making going forward. Further information on the pilot and the organisations involved can be found at Autism national post diagnostic support: pilot project - (
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