The Scottish Government Complaints Handling Procedure: FOI release

Information request and response under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

Information requested

You asked for:

(i) I respectfully wondered as FOI query please if there was perhaps a record of any of you good and heavily overloaded people, endlessly and knowingly being placed in an impossible position, being excused, even just once, from the overall requirement to note and to file only all complaints received from OOPs, officially ostracised people, people like me? In the event that any of you have been so excused, on what date, and can I please have a copy of all the paperwork?

(ii) Can I further please ask, again as FOI query, if there is perhaps a record kept of the number of formal complaints you receive annually? An estimate to the nearest couple of thousand will of course suffice for present purposes.

(iii) What proportion of such complaints are you permitted to validate? What targets have officially been set for you? Is it zero percent?

(iv) What proportion of validated complaints are actually upheld? eventually? At some point?

(v) Finally and again as FOI query, is a record perhaps kept of the average length of time taken for the entire complaints process to reach conclusion of any sort? An estimate to the nearest decade will of course suffice for present purposes.


The answer to your questions are;

(i) The Scottish Government do not hold the information requested

(ii) Up to and including 8 October 2019, the Scottish Government has recorded 30 new complaints in 2019 in terms of the SG Complaints Handling Procedure

(iii) Targets are as indicated in the SG Complaints Handling Procedure

(iv) In 2019 20% of Stage 1 complaints were either upheld or partially upheld

(v) In 2019 the average length of time to respond to Stage 1 complaints was 6 working days

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