Scottish Government Twitter accounts: FOI release

Information request and response under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

Information requested

You asked for details of all Twitter accounts run by the Scottish Government and, in each instance, whether the accounts are managed by policy officials or communications officials.

You subsequently provided clarification that your request also includes accounts run by communications professionals working in policy teams.


I have attached the information you requested. The table provides details of Scottish Government Twitter accounts managed by communications officials, policy officials, and communications officials working in policy teams. 

Handle Run by
AboutScotland Comms
ActiveScotGov Policy
AttainmentScot Agency Comms
CashBackScot Agency Comms
CultureScotGov Comms
CyberResScot Policy
cypaction Policy
DementiaPolicy Policy
DigiPlanningSG Policy
DigiScotChamps Policy
DigitalIDScots Policy
DigitalScots Policy
DITIScotland Policy
Diversity_SG Policy
DPEAScotland Policy
DYWScot Policy
eDevelopmentSG Policy
edscot_maths Agency Comms
ELCScotGov Policy
EmployinScot Comms
EqualityPoverty Policy
EquallySafeScot Policy
FairWorkScot Policy
FNP_Scotland Policy
FOIScotland Policy
girfec Policy
GlowScot Agency Comms
Greener2gethr Comms
GreenerScotland Comms
housingregen Policy
HSCIntegration Policy
IslandsTeamSG Policy
Justice_Alba Policy
MarineScotland Agency Comms
MathsScot Agency Comms
MHLawTeam Policy
mygovscot Policy
NHSScotCorpComm Comms
NKBLScotland Policy
NPF3Team Policy
ParentClubScot Comms
PermSecScot Comms
PlantChiefScot Policy
PlayTalkRead Comms
PPYPTeam Policy
PSRScotland Policy
QuitYourWay Comms
ReadWriteCount Comms
ReadyScotland Comms in Policy
RevenueScotland Agency Comms
RoadbotScot Comms
RoadSafetyScot Agency Comms
RuralMattersSG Comms
Scogovmarketing Comms
ScoRDStweets Policy
ScotCensus2021 Agency Comms
ScotDevInt Comms
ScotDigAcademy Policy
scotforestry ‏ Policy
ScotGov Comms
ScotGovAmericas Comms in Policy
ScotGovBldgStds Policy
ScotGovCanada Comms in Policy
ScotGovClimate Policy
ScotGovCYPIC Policy
scotgoveconomy Comms
ScotGovEdu Comms
ScotGovEmt Policy
ScotGovEnergy Comms
ScotGovEngage Comms
scotgovequality Policy
ScotGovESIF Policy
ScotGovEurope Comms
ScotGovFairer Comms
ScotGovFM Comms
ScotGovFrance Comms in Policy
ScotGovGaidhlig Policy
ScotGovGermany Comms in Policy
ScotGovHealth Comms
ScotGovID Policy
ScotGovInter Comms
ScotGovIreland Comms in Policy
ScotGovJobs Policy
ScotGovJustice Comms
ScotGovLondon Comms in Policy
ScotGovOCEA Policy
ScotGovOpen Comms in Policy
ScotGovOutcomes Policy
ScotGovPlanning Policy
ScotGovSASA Agency Comms
ScotGovScots Policy
ScotGovVeterans Policy
Scotland Comms
ScotProcurement Policy
scotpublicappts Policy
ScotReferendum Comms
ScotStat Policy
scotsuperfast Policy
ScotTecStrategy Policy
ScottishLandCom Policy
ScotVeteranComm Policy
ScotXed Other
SG_CarersPolicy Policy
SG_HSCS Policy
SG_PrimaryCare Policy
SG_SDSPolicy Policy
SGChildMaternal Policy
SGDigitalPart Policy
SGHealthJustice Policy
SGJusticeAnalys Policy
SLF_Forum Policy
SocSecScot Agency Comms
TECScotland Policy
theweecscot Comms
VisitScotland Comms
Workforce_Scot Policy
YOYP2018 Comms

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