Social Security Delivery Board - Delivery Confidence Reports: FOI release

Information request and response under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

Information requested

You asked for the following information:

“Under FOISA, please provided the Delivery Confidence Reports provided/presented to the Social Security Delivery Board on 7 May 2019, 21 May 2019, and all other Delivery Confidence Reports provided/presented to meetings of the Delivery Board since 21 May 2019. [previously submitted as FOI/19/01791].

As discussed, I appreciate that the number of reports since May have increased since my request was initially submitted. If that too pushed it is over the limit, please let me know, or otherwise narrow the request by discounting the oldest report in sequence (i.e. 7 May 2019, then 21 May 2019).“


I have identified the following reports relevant to your request and attach them as separate annexes:

  Date of meeting Date stated on Delivery Confidence Report
1 07 May 2019 02 May 2019
2 21 May 2019 16 May 2019
3 04 June 2019 30 May 2019
4 02 July 2019 27 June 2019
5 16 July 2019 11 July 2019
6 30 July 2019 25 July 2019
7 13 August 2019 08 August 2019
8 27 August 2019 22 August 2019
9 10 September 2019 05 September 2019

Please note that there was no Delivery Confidence Report prepared for the Delivery Board meeting held on 18 June 2019.

While our aim is to provide information whenever possible, in this instance we are unable to provide some of the information you have requested because an exemption under section 30(b)(ii) of FOISA applies. The reasons why this exemption applies is explained in the Annex A to this letter.

Reasons for not providing information - Annex
Exemption under s.30(b)(ii)

Section 30(b)(ii) applies where disclosure would, or would be likely to, inhibit substantially the free and frank exchange of views for the purposes of deliberation.

Each of the Programme Delivery Confidence Reports includes an overall summary and thirteen individual sections from different business areas. The summaries and individual sections provide the subjective views of several officials concerning their business areas’ achievements; issues; challenges or blockers, their potential impact, and mitigating actions proposed or taken; risks; and resources. For each of these areas officials have also identified an appropriate Red, Amber or Green (RAG) status.

This information therefore constitutes free and frank exchange of views for critical discussions and decision making. Consequently, releasing such details related to the Programme status would, or would be likely to, cause substantial inhibition to free and frank exchange of views by suppressing the freedom with which opinions or options are expressed. This is particularly relevant as these discussions are still ongoing and policy is still being formulated.

Public Interest Test

This exemption is subject to a Public Interest Test. We have, in all the circumstances of this case, considered if the public interest in disclosing the information outweighs the public interest in applying the exemption. We recognise that there is some public interest in release as part of open, transparent and accountable government, and to inform public debate, but this is outweighed by the vital public interest in ensuring that Social Security Delivery Board meetings lead to high quality, fully considered decision making so as to ensure that public services are delivered as effectively as possible.

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