Provision, management and resourcing of Scottish Government digital mailroom: FOI Release

Information request and response under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

FOI reference: FOI/18/02089
Date received: 3 August 2018 
Date responded: 20 August 2018

Information requested and response

The Scottish Government does not at this time have a Digital Mailroom system. At this time there are no plans to introduce a Digital Mailroom.  I have taken the questions that you submitted in your letter and answered them below.
1.) Do you currently operate a Digital Mailroom ( definition; the process of scanning inbound physical mail on arrival at your premises);
  • Yes
  • No
  • We do not receive any physical mail
No. We do not operate any Digital Mailrooms within the Scottish Government estate.
2) If you do operate a Digital Mailroom, is it an outsourced service or managed internally?
  • No service operated;
  • What is the name of your provider?
  • What is the length and end date of this contract? 
  • Are you provided with staff onsite or is post re-directed to the supplier’s facility?
  • If Managed Internally:
  • Will you be looking to outsource this service in the future?
  • How many full time employees manage the operation?
  • No, we do not operate a Digital Mailroom

We do not operate a Digital Mailroom.
3). If you are considering outsourcing this service, when do you expect to start this project?
No Plans, Within 6 months, Within 12 months, Within 18 months, Within 24 months
There are currently no plans to implement this service.
4). How many physical mail items do you process on a daily basis?
  • Under 100 mail items per day
  • Between 101-250 per day
  • 250-500 per day
  • 500-1000 per day
  • <1000 per day
In excess of 1000 mail items are received on a daily basis.
5). If you do plan to implement a Digital Mailroom how will you manage the procurement?
  • OJEU:  Yes/No 
  • Framework: Yes/No  -
  • If yes:  Which framework will you use? 
  • Procurement stage already completed:  Yes/No
  • We will not be implementing this service.
As previously stated, there are currently no plans to implement this service.
6). If you already digitise your post, how do you host and share your images?
  • EDMS (Electronic Document Management System): Yes/No 
If yes: Which EDMS do you use and what is the length of the contract/licence for this service?
  • Shared drives: Yes/No 
  • Online portal: Yes/No
If yes: What online portal does your organisation currently use and what is the length of the contract/licence for this service?
  • Other:
We do not digitise incoming mail.
7). Who is the person responsible at your organisation for Digital Transformation projects of this type and their contact information?
If unable to provide an individual’s name, please provide full job title and name of the department in which the individual is based.

For projects relating to this type e.g. mail handling/mail delivery etc. the initial point of contact would be: [redacted]

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