Costs of International Council of Education Advisers (ICEA): FOI release

Information request and response under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

FOI reference: FOI/18/00753
Date received: 10 March 2018
Date responded: 9 April 2018

Information requested

1. What is the cost to the taxpayer of the International Education panel from inception through Jan 31st 2018? Including fees travel entertainment?

2. How many civil servants are assigned to support this initiative and the cost over the same period?

3. What reports have been published and have any recommendations been implemented?

4. What are the terms of reference for the Panel, deliverable etc ?

5. Is the term of the panel open ended or has an end date?

6. What is the cost to the taxpayer of Connected Scotland in 2016 and 2017?

7. How does Connected Scotland interface with the International Education Panel?


Response to Q1

A list of expenses claimed by the International Council of Education Advisers (ICEA) is available on the Scottish Government website at: /publications/foi-17-02318/

Response to Q2

While our aim is to provide information whenever possible, in this instance the Scottish Government does not have the information you have requested. Support to the ICEA is done by existing staff as part of their normal duties; there are currently no identifiable resources assigned to working solely on the ICEA. As such it is not possible to separate the time and associated salary costs of staff as requested.

This is a formal notice under section 17(1) of FOISA that the Scottish Government does not have the information you have requested.

Response to Q3

The ICEA produced an initial report following their second meeting which took place on 27 and 28 February 2017 and their recommendations were taken into account when developing the 2018 National Improvement Framework and Improvement Plan. The report is published on the Scottish Government website at -

Under section 25(1) of FOISA, we do not have to give you information which is already reasonably accessible to you. If, however, you do not have internet access to obtain this information from the website(s) listed, then please contact me again and I will send you a paper copy.

Response to Q4

Terms & conditions for appointment as a member to the international council of education advisers

The role of the international council of education advisers

The main purpose of the International Council of Education Advisers (ICEA) is to provide advice to the First Minister and Deputy First Minister relating to Scottish education. This may include themes from early years through to adulthood and wider related issues.


The ICEA is an advisory council providing advice to the First Minister and Deputy First Minister of Scotland. You are invited to participate in bi-annual meetings in Scotland to discuss various issues relating to Scotland's education system and related themes.


ICEA members are appointed by the First Minister of Scotland and are accountable to the First Minster.

Period of appointment

This appointment will commence on 1 August 2016, and will be for a period of 2 years. The First Minister may terminate your appointment without notice if, in her opinion, you have acted improperly in relation to your duties or are otherwise unable to unfit to perform your duties. Should the ICEA be dissolved or wound up during the period of your appointment, your appointment would, of course, also cease with effect from that dissolution or such other date as is specific in any relevant correspondence.


ICEA members are appointed to the advisory council on a voluntary (personal) basis and there is no direct remuneration related to this role.

Expenses & subsistence

All reasonable expenses incurred in the course of ICEA attendance will be met by the Scottish Executive (known as the Scottish Government) – including business-class air travel, first-class rail travel, meal allowances and accommodation.


All ICEA members have a duty regarding conduct, propriety and confidentiality.


This appointment shall not be construed as in any way constituting a contract of service or for services between you and the Scottish Ministers; between you and the First Minster; or as between you and the Crown.

If legal proceedings are brought against any ICEA member by a third party, the Scottish Executive (known as the Scottish Government) will meet any civil liability which is incurred in the execution of their functions providing that they have acted honestly, reasonably and in good faith. If, however, the ICEA member has acted recklessly, negligently or fraudulently, the department may refuse to meet any associated civil liability.


As a member of the International Council of Education Advisers – and after termination of that appointment (howsoever arising) – you will owe a duty of confidentiality to the ICEA and to Scottish Ministers in relation to any information of a confidential nature to which you have had access in the course of your appointment. The sensitive nature of the issues and documents with which you may be dealing makes it extremely important that such confidentiality is respected. You will be required to exercise care in the use of information which you acquire in the course of your duties and to protect any documents or other information provided to you in confidence from unauthorised disclosure.

Conflicts of interest

Any personal or business interests which may, or may be perceived to, influence your judgements in providing advice should be declared as a potential conflict of interest to the Chair of the ICEA.

Response to Q5

The current term of appointment ends on 31 July 2018.

Response to Q6

We have not provided any funding to Connected Scotland in financial years 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18.

Response to Q7

The ICEA do not interface with Connected Scotland as their purposes are quite different: the former is about learning from best practice and expertise internationally to shape our domestic education provision in schools; the latter is a collaborative effort to promote Scottish Higher Education in overseas markets.

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