Maternity and neonatal services - neonatal intensive care plan: options appraisal

This report describes the options appraisal process undertaken, and the feasibility analysis and testing to identify which out of Scotland’s current eight neonatal intensive care Units should be the final three Units as proposed by Best Start.

Decision Making And Implementation Process Flow Chart

Complete Jan 18

Perinatal Sub Group agree to use criteria-based options appraisal process

Complete 31 May 18

Stage 1a: Options appraisal criteria set by Expert Group

Complete 8 Jun 18

Stage 1b: Options appraisal process conducted by Perinatal Sub Group

Commenced July 18 and ongoing

Stage 2: Feasibility and Viability analysis conducted with identified units. Early Implementer sites identified, processes established and evaluated.

Complete Feb 2020

Stage 3a: Best Start Programme Board considers and agrees to make recommendation to Cabinet Secretary

Covid Pause

December 2022

Stage 3b: Post Covid Review, recommendation to Cabinet Secretary

Commence Jan 2023

Stage 4: Announcement. Initiate procurement for modelling resource and agree implementation governance model

July 2023

Stage 4: Initiate modelling resource and establish governance model

September 2023 – March 2025

Initiate phased implementation of new model



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