Fisheries and climate change: opinions from the wild capture fishing sector

Analysis and summary of an online survey of key stakeholders in the wild capture fishing sector, conducted by Marine Scotland during the COP26 climate change summit in 2021.

Fisheries and Climate Change: Opinions from Key Stakeholders in Scotland's Wild Capture Fishing Sector

Barbara Berx, Gavin Brown, Oana Racu, Annabel Arbuthnot, William R Turrell
Marine Scotland Science, Marine Laboratory

375 Victoria Road, Aberdeen, AB11 9DB

Citation: Berx, B., Brown, G., Racu, O., Arbuthnot, A., Turrell, W. R. (2022) Fisheries and Climate Change: opinions from key stakeholders in Scotland's wild capture fishing sector. Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Report 13 (1), pp. 29. doi:10.7489/12427-1



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