Fish Health Inspectorate Service Charter

Details of the fish health inspectorate service charter.

Complaints and appeals procedure 

We aim to resolve complaints or appeals about our service quickly, and, whenever possible, in a simple and straightforward way. 

If you have a complaint about our service or our staff or an appeal about the result of an inspection, the Scottish Government will work with you to resolve the issue. If something has gone wrong, we will try to resolve the problem quickly and implement any improvements that are needed to prevent similar mistakes in future. 

To use our Complaints Handling Procedure, first please contact The Fish Health Inspectorate (using the contact details above). Working with you, we will aim to achieve frontline resolution which is Stage One of the Complaints Handling Procedures.

If we are unable to achieve frontline resolution of your issue, we may take your complaint or appeal to Stage Two of the process. An Investigating Officer will be appointed to prepare a comprehensive report and, if we have got things wrong, will recommend improvements. 

Full details of our complaint handling procedureare available. 

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