Fiscal framework between Scottish Government and local government: progress report December 2023

The Verity House Agreement, signed on 30 June 2023 as part of the New Deal with Local Government, committed to concluding a Fiscal Framework which establishes early and meaningful budget engagement, the simplification and consolidation of the Local Government Settlement.

Monitoring, Reporting, Governance, Review and Dispute Resolution

Further discussion will take place to ensure that there are links between the fiscal framework and the overall outcomes, monitoring and accountability framework to be developed under the auspices of the of the Verity House Agreement.

Consideration is needed as to any additional bespoke governance mechanisms for the fiscal framework which may be required, taking into account and linking into the existing Verity House Agreement engagement mechanisms.

Finally, parties are minded to agree the inclusion of an explicit review provision for the fiscal framework and agreement will be reached about how that should be framed including specific timeframes for implementation.



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