Health and social care integration: finance guidance

Guidance on financial matters relating to health and social care integration, for the assistance of health boards and local authorities.

2 Scope and purpose

2.0.1 This guidance is based on the provisions of the Act and regulations; it specifically does not address the potential future situation of the Integration Joint Board being empowered under Section 12. It aims to provide a basis for the development of the local financial arrangements required to support the implementation of the integration of health and social care. In preparing the guidance, the approach has been to achieve proportionality balanced against the need to show openness, integrity and accountability of the public finances.

2.0.2 The Act was passed by the Scottish Parliament on 25th February 2014; it received Royal Assent in April and regulations were passed in December 2014, with the duties required to be implemented in the year commencing April 2015.

2.0.3 This second and final draft of the guidance builds on the earlier draft issued in April 2014.

2.0.4 Further support will be available during implementation as set out in section E.



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