Fair work action plan: annual report

This annual report provides an update on progress achieved on actions within the Fair Work Action Plan since its publication in 2019. It also sets out our future priorities for continuing to advance our Fair Work agenda across Scotland as part of our economic recovery and renewal.

3.16. Monitor and Report

Our commitment

Measuring our progress in delivering a Fair Work Nation.

What we have achieved

The Scottish Government provides support to the Fair Work Convention through dedicated staffing and financial support.

The Fair Work Convention, in its Fair Work in Scotland Report (December 2020), introduced its Fair Work Measurement Framework, which contains 37 indicators of Fair Work, aligning with the Fair Work dimensions. Aligned to this, the Scottish Government is working with the Fair Work Convention and key stakeholders to develop an effective approach for monitoring delivery of Fair Work First. Together, these tools will help monitor and measure our progress towards becoming a Fair Work Nation.

The Minister for Business and Fair Work has updated the Parliament on progress in delivering our Fair Work Action Plan, specifically, he has written to the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work Committee updating on progress in delivering the Fair Work Action Plan, and to the Finance Committee in relation to the Fair Work budget. Additionally, the Ministers on the Ministerial Working Group have updated relevant committees for their portfolio interests.

Our future priorities

The Scottish Government will continue to work with the Fair Work Convention and key stakeholders to consider how the indicators within their Measurement Framework can best be used to monitor progress on embedding Fair Work First criteria and wider progress on our Fair Work Nation vision.

The Scottish Government will provide the Scottish Parliament with further annual reports on progress in embedding Fair Work, with the next update being provided in Spring 2022. We will also consider opportunities for aligning annual reporting on Action Plans for Fair Work, Gender Pay Gap and Disability Employment as well as on action for tackling race employment to cohere our action and messaging around fair and inclusive workplaces.


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