Fair Start Scotland: economic evaluation

Findings from an independent economic evaluation of the delivery and outcomes of the Fair Start Scotland employment service. The evaluation relates to the first three years of the service, from April 2018 to March 2021.


Please note, the Fair Start Scotland: Economic Evaluation was originally published in October 2021. The original publication has now been archived and replaced with this new version.

Following the original publication of the report, the Scottish Government decided it would be preferable to present unit cost estimates (e.g. cost per programme start and cost per job outcomes) on the basis only of the 2018 Fair Start Scotland cohort so that these metrics depend only on out-turn data and make no use of forecasts. These estimates have now been revised within this new version of the report. The new report also contains additional explanatory detail on the methodology, including in Annex B.

For transparency, the original (now archived) version of the Fair Start Scotland: Economic Evaluation can still be accessed at the following link: Archived version of Fair Start Scotland: Economic Evaluation.


Email: Stephanie.Phin@gov.scot

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