Packaging - extended producer responsibility: island communities impact assessment

Island communities impact assessment (ICIA) for the introduction of extended producer responsibility (EPR) for packaging.

Introduction to the Island Communities Impact Assessment Report

1. This Island Communities Impact Assessment (ICIA) has been prepared to accompany draft regulations to establish extended producer responsibility (EPR) for packaging in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

2. It builds on a partial ICIA published at the time of a public consultation on packaging EPR policy.[1] The partial ICIA addressed the first two steps of the ICIA process (see paragraph 7): understanding the policy objectives and outcomes, and data-gathering. This full ICIA addresses the remaining steps: stakeholder consultation and assessment of any differential impacts for island communities.

3. Further information on the process for Island Communities Impact Assessments can be found in the guidance on the Scottish Government website.[2]



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