Excellence In Care - Scotland's National Apporach to Assuring Nursing and Midwifery Care Event Report

A report of Scotland's first assuring nursing and midwifery event.

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What You Have Already Told Us

We asked those attending to provide one word to describe what Nursing and Midwifery Care meant to them - the results are below.

What does assuring Nursing and Midwifery Care mean to you?

Words to describe what assuring Nursing and Midwifery Care mean to you

@Pat Tyrrell1

#SANMC15 @FionaCMcQueen @VicThompson123 An excellent, direction changing day. On the cusp of something transformative if truly co produced.


Great day @#sanmc15. Well done to @VicThompson123 and co for organising & speakers who inspired. Up to us all now to JDI


SCNs guardians of quality and safety. Care assurance at the heart of nhs and government. Nursing the heart and soul #sanmc15 @SNGMHLD


#sanmc15 Cabinet Secretary for Health endorsing the importance of #care assurance @FionaCMcQueen @carehome @JanDewing @FoNScharity


#sanmc15 @ShonaRobison closing at what has been an excellent day of sharing and hearing from Scotland's N&M leaders about improving care


#sanmc15 @ProfBrendan - need to move from performance to thriving to flourishing in providing care...


#sanmc15 looking forward to discussing care assurance of Nursing and Midwifery Care across Scotland today


Cabinet secretary sets out vision to assure quality of care, top priority for NHS #sanmc15


Listening to Angela telling our Forth Valley story of assuring our care. Inspirational @angelawallace #sanmc15

For further information about Excellence in Care, contact:

Vicky Thompson, Professional Adviser, Leadership and Quality:
Email: Victoria.Thompson@gov.scot

Jan Liddle, Business Manager:
Email: Jan.Liddle@gov.scot


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