Everyone matters: 2020 health workforce vision

This vision recognises the vital role of the workforce in responding to the challenges that NHSScotland is facing.

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Making sure it happens

We need to make sure the 2020 Workforce Vision becomes a reality. Some of the things that will help to make this happen include:

  • putting the Staff Governance Standard5 into practice in all that we do and encouraging our partners to share these principles
  • ensuring that everyone is clear about the values and behaviours expected of them and that our values are put into practice
  • empowering teams and individuals to innovate and make things better
  • nurturing and developing team- working and professionalism
  • employing people who demonstrate our core values by improving recruitment practices
  • recognising the achievements and efforts of individuals and teams
  • valuing and developing management skills and competencies and having managers who lead by example
  • developing leadership skills and competencies at all levels
  • recognising and supporting the role of carers in the delivery of healthcare
  • creating a culture of organisational learning
  • valuing on-the-job learning and recognising the workplace as a major source of learning
  • building on our ground-breaking partnership with trades unions and professional organisations.*

*Research carried out by Nottingham University Business School6 describes NHSScotland's approach to employee relations as "…probably the most ambitious and important contemporary innovation in British public sector industrial relations."


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