Everyone matters: 2020 workforce vision implementation plan 2018-2020

This is the fifth implementation for NHS Boards, Scottish Government and others to deliver the 2020 Workforce Vision strategy.

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Everyone Matters: 2020 Workforce Vision [1] is our workforce policy for those involved in the delivery of healthcare in Scotland. It was published in June 2013 with input from 10,000 people across NHS Scotland including trades unions, professional organisations and partners in the delivery of care.

Since the launch of Everyone Matters, there have been four annual implementation plans identifying key priorities and actions. We are making good progress towards our vision and are also looking further forward, beyond 2020. For example, the roll out of the iMatter staff experience continuous improvement model has contributed greatly to achieving a healthy organisational culture.

The landscape is changing. The Health and Social Care Delivery Plan [2] and the National Clinical Strategy For Scotland [3] , along with work on Realistic Medicine [4] , improving population health and the continued roll out of health and social care integration, are now our key drivers to deliver transformational change across health and social care. Underpinning this is the introduction of a national workforce plan and regional workforce plans. Our workforce policy needs to keep pace and reflect this new landscape. We also need to consider wider initiatives, such as the work of the Fair Work Convention [5] .

We have therefore started work to consider what a vision for the health and social care workforce might look like from 2020 onwards – how the vision should reflect both the workforce of today and tomorrow, how people work as well as where they work, including those working in health and social care integrated settings.

In the meantime, we are publishing a refreshed version of the existing vision and values, alongside a two-year Everyone Matters implementation plan for 2018-20. This Plan focuses on continuing and consolidating the good work already underway, building on previous annual implementation plans and the actions set out in these, and working towards delivering further progress by 2020.


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