Third Sector Interface network model and Voluntary Action Scotland: evaluation

Independent evaluation of Scotland’s Third Sector Interface (TSI) network model and Voluntary Action Scotland (VAS).


1. Letter from Scottish Government Third Sector Division to Chairs and Chief Executives of Councils for Voluntary Service, Chairs and Chief Executives of Volunteer Centres, Chairs of Local Social Economy Partnerships and Chairs and Managers of Community Planning Partnerships: headed 'The New Third Sector Interfaces' (2 February 2009):

2. All data in this section is drawn from the SCVO State of the Sector report, 2014. SCVO

3. The more recent Social Enterprise Census in Scotland reports 5'199 operating in Scotland:

4. 86% of responses (603) were received from the 11 selected areas. Whilst we specified in cover correspondence that we were seeking responses only from Third Sector organisations in these areas, organisations from other areas also responded. These amounted to 14% of the overall responses. We have not excluded these responses as they provide valuable additional insight into the wider picture.

5. Independent Commission on the Future of Local Infrastructure

6. Survey respondents were able to select more than one source of support.

7. 'Scotland's Vison for Social Enterprise 2025

8. 'The State of Social Enterprise in Scotland 2014', Social Enterprise Scotland

9. Reference SEN strategy and the social enterprise round table

10. Community Planning Update , Audit Commission, 2012



13. Scottish Government and COSLA (2012), 'Community Planning Review - Statement of Ambition',

14. Scottish Government (2010), Reshaping Care for Older People: A Programme for Change 2011 - 2021. Available at:


Jacqueline Rae:

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