Evaluation of the Impact of the Implementation of Teaching Scotland's Future

The evaluation offers an overview of the current landscape of teacher education, highlighting what progress has been made in key areas since TSF was published and where further progress and improvements are still needed.

Glossary and abbreviations

ASN - Additional Support Needs

BME - Black and Minority Ethnic

CLPL - Career-long professional learning

CPD - Continuous professional development

Curriculum for Excellence (CfE) - the national curriculum for children aged 3 to 18 years in schools in Scotland. It offers a broad general education for children up to S3 followed by a senior phase from S4 onwards and completion of National qualifications.

Distributed leadership -the concept that all teachers are leaders and involves leadership roles being devolved to staff that do not have a formal leadership remit within their role.

Experiences and Outcomes - experiences and outcomes recognise the importance of the quality and nature of the learning experience in developing attributes and capabilities and in achieving active engagement, motivation and depth of learning. An outcome represents what is to be achieved. Taken as a whole, the experiences and outcomes embody the attributes and capabilities of the four capacities.

ESOL- English for Speakers of Other Languages

Probationer scheme - flexible route - a way to complete probationary service for teachers who have decided to opt out of the Teacher Induction Scheme; are not eligible to join the Teacher Induction Scheme; can't commit to a full-time post; want to complete their probationary period somewhere other than a Scottish state school; are registered in more than one subject; and are looking to gain full registration in their second subject.

GTCS - General Teaching Council for Scotland

Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) - the national approach to improving outcomes through public services that support the wellbeing of children and young people.

How Good is Our School 4 - a framework of quality indicators to promote effective self-evaluation as the first important stage in a process of achieving self-improvement in schools.

ITE - Initial Teacher Education

Joint assessment -this means the assessment of student teachers during school placement by the school, the university and the local authority.

National Implementation Board (NIB) -the group of stakeholders that were tasked with implementing the recommendations from Teaching Scotland's Future.

NQT - Newly qualified teachers.

Professional review and development (PRD) - a process in which teachers review their professional learning and reflect on teaching practice with their reviewer.

Raising attainment for all (RAFA) - Raising Attainment is a national policy programme to improve attainment and achievement of young people through a collaborative learning system and improvement methodology. The aim of this policy programme is to reduce inequalities in education and ensure that every child can succeed in school.

PGDE - Post Graduate Diploma in Education

Professional Update (PU) - a requirement of General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) registration for fully registered teachers. The key purpose of Professional Update is to: maintain and improve the quality of our teachers as outlined in the relevant Professional Standards and to enhance the impact that they have on pupils' learning; support, maintain and enhance teachers' continued professionalism and the reputation of the teaching profession in Scotland.

SCEL - Scottish College for Educational Leadership

SQA - Scottish Qualifications Authority

SCQF - Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework

SCQF level 11 learning - refers to accredITEd CLPL available to teachers (also known as master-level learning).

Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivations (SIMD) - a tool that identifies areas of multiple deprivation in a consistent way using a number of key measures such as education, housing and employment.

Stages of Early Arithmetic Learning (SEAL) - Stages of Early Arithmetic Learning is a strategy for maths learning used in Primary schools.

Standard for Provisional Registration - standard for what is expected of a student teacher at the end of Initial Teacher Education who is seeking provisional registration with the GTCS.

Standard for Full Registration - the standard required of every qualified teacher to formally enter the profession and is a benchmark of competence in teaching.

Standard for Career-long Professional Learning -standard for teachers to continue to develop their expertise and experience across all areas of their professional practice through appropriate and sustained career-long professional learning.

Standard for Leadership and Management (Middle Leaders) - the standard specifying the responsibility of middle leaders to lead and collaborate with team(s) to establish, enhance and ensure high quality learning experiences and outcomes for all learners.

Standard for Leadership and Management (Head Teachers) - the standard specifying the role of Head Teachers as leaders of the whole school community and within the wider children's services network.

Teacher Induction Scheme - The Teacher Induction Scheme (TIS) provides a guaranteed one-year training post in a local authority to every eligible student graduating with a teaching qualification from one of Scotland's universities.

TSF - Teaching Scotland's Future is a review of teacher education conducted by Graham Donaldson in 2010 which has led to a number of changes to teacher education and career long professional learning.


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