Family Nurse Partnership evaluation: methods and process

This paper presents the methods of using routinely collected health, education and social care data to evaluate the Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) in Scotland using a natural experiment methodology.


Acronym Definition
A&E Accident and Emergency
BMI Body Mass Index
CHI Community Health Index 
CHSP-PS Child Health Systems Programme - Pre-School
CHSP-S Child Health Systems Programme - School
CI Confidence Interval
CU Cardiff University
DOB Date of birth
DPA Data Processing Agreement
DSA Data Sharing Agreement 
EAS Education Analytical Services 
eDRIS electronic Data Research and Innovation Service
FNP Family Nurse Partnership 
FNP NU FNP National Unit 
FNP SIS FNP Scottish Information System
FN Family Nurse
HBs Health Boards
ICD-10 International Classification of Disease version 10
LMP Last menstrual period
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MPID Master Person ID
MRC Medical Research Council 
NES NHS Education for Scotland 
NRS National Records of Scotland 
NSS National Services Scotland
OR Odds Ratio
PBPP Public Benefit and Privacy Panel
PIA Privacy Impact Assessment
PSM Propensity score matching 
RCT Randomised Controlled Trial
REML Restricted Maximum Likelihood 
SAP Statistical Analysis Plan
SD Standard Deviation
SG Scottish Government
SILC Scottish Informatics Linkage Collaboration
SIMD Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation 
SMR Scottish Morbidity Record 
UPID Unique Person ID



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