European Union, Norway and the United Kingdom - fisheries consultations: agreed records 2024

Agreed records of consultations from meetings of delegations from the United Kingdom, Norway and the European Union, held between November and December 2023 on the joint management of shared North Sea stocks.


1. A European Union Delegation headed by Mr Erik LINDEBO, a Norwegian Delegation headed by Ms Ann Kristin WESTBERG and a United Kingdom Delegation headed by Mr Colin FAULKNER met in the periods from 7th to 9th November in London, 21st to 23rd November in Brussels and 6th to 8th December in London, to consult on mutual fisheries relations including the management of shared stocks for 2024.

2. The Heads of Delegations agreed to recommend to their respective authorities the fishery arrangements for 2024 as outlined in this Agreed Record, including Annexes I to XI and Tables 1, 2 and 3.

3. The Delegations underlined their determination to cooperate, in their mutual interest, in securing continued responsible fisheries and ensuring the long-term sustainability and optimum utilisation of shared stocks.

4. The Delegations took note of the progress made in consulting on a trilateral framework agreement, which will be the basis for their future cooperation to ensure the long-term sustainability and optimum use of their shared stocks. The Delegations confirmed their ambition to conclude that agreement in 2024.

5. The Delegations agreed that the scope of this Agreed Record should be the stocks occurring within the areas under the jurisdiction of all three Parties.

6. The Delegations noted that certain arrangements between the Parties, including but not limited to arrangements for access to waters, quota transfers, licencing of vessels and other conditions for fishing in the respective zones of fisheries jurisdiction, may be regulated by bilateral arrangements.

7. The Delegations agreed to exchange information relevant to stocks within the scope of this Agreed Record on a timely, efficient, and transparent basis: for example, information relating to quota transfers, access arrangements, catches, and any relevant management measures. The Delegations further noted the benefits of continued close collaboration and information exchange.

8. The Delegations agreed that management measures and sharing of stocks as per Table 1 are without prejudice to possible future arrangements between the Parties.

9. In that context, the Norwegian Delegation signalled their intention to invite the other Parties to consultations with a view to revisit and review the sharing keys for some of these stocks. 

10. The Delegations agreed to hold an intersessional meeting in late May-early June 2024 to review progress on the actions set out in this Agreed Record. They agreed that they would use that opportunity to establish a TAC for sprat in ICES Division 3.a and Subarea 4.

11. The Delegations agreed that chairing of consultations will rotate on an annual basis, starting from 1 January of every year, until 31 December, and that Norway will exercise the role as chair for 2024, followed by the UK in 2025 and the EU in 2026. They agreed that meeting dates should be set well in advance, and no later than 30 days before the meeting, to allow for securing necessary meeting venues and for delegations to be able to make travel arrangements in due time before the meetings. In this regard the Delegations agreed to hold a meeting at the end of January 2024 to plan their activities for the year ahead.

12. The Delegations agreed that the chair will be responsible for ensuring that all Parties will be included in all communications with ICES, which arise out of this trilateral forum, on shared stocks.

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