European Structural Funds: A smart, sustainable and inclusive Scotland in Europe

An overview of the 2007-2013 programmes and an introduction to the 2014-2020 programmes with case studies from both the European Social Fund and European Regional Development Fund.

2007-2013 Project Locations

2007-2013 Project Locations


1. Knockando Woolmill

2. Loch Carnan Windfarm

3. The Orkney Theatre

4. Scapa Flow Wartime Trail

5. Whitlawburn Community Energy

6. Mountains for People

7. Scottish Investment Bank Loan Fund

8. Edinburgh Partnership Competitive Communities

9. Business Mentoring Scotland Programme

10. Dalmarnock Station Redevelopment


11. Apex Ascend Project

12. The CALANAS Training Programme

13. Moving On Job Crew Project

14. Ayrshire Youth Employment Service (AYE)

15. Stramash (Social Enterprise Academy)

16. Smart Childcare (Social Enterprise Academy)

17. Smart Exporter

18. The Prince's Trust 'Team'

19 The Prince's Trust 'Team'

20. The Prince's Trust 'Enterprise Programme'


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