Europe 2020: Scotland's National Reform Programme 2019

A summary of the actions taken by the Scottish Government in 2018 and 2019 in pursuit of the Europe 2020 strategy.


Through the Scottish Government's Economic Strategy, Scotland shares the vision set out in the Europe 2020 strategy of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. We strongly support reducing youth employment; increasing innovation and R&D; meeting our climate change ambitions; improving access to and quality of education and reducing poverty and promoting social inclusion. This report demonstrates that Scotland is both making progress in supporting Europe 2020 targets and contributing to European growth as part of the wider European economy.

The contribution that Europe makes to Scotland is significant, and the evidence presented illustrates the extent of the risk Brexit represents to Scotland's future prosperity. The Scottish Government continues to believe that the best option for Scotland, indeed the UK as a whole, is to remain in the European Union or at the very least the European Single Market, and will continue its efforts to protect Scotland against the worst effects of a disastrous UK Brexit.

Scotland has a long history as a proud, outward-looking European nation. No matter what the future relationship between the EU and the UK is, Scotland will stand with our European neighbors in meeting the challenges that face us, and will remain united in our shared values for the benefit of all our citizens.



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