EU procurement thresholds from January 2018

This procurement policy note details the EU procurement thresholds from 1 January 2018.

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Please note: this policy note was written at a time when Scottish procurement was subject to the EU legal framework. Some references may no longer be valid, caution should be exercised if you come across one of these references. Content should be cross-referenced with SPPNs which address questions and issues related to exit from the EU legal framework. It should also be read after taking note of the introduction on the SPPN index page.

Threshold values that apply to public procurement exercises subject to the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015, the Concessions Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2016, the Utilities Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2016 and the Defence and Security Public Contracts Regulations 2011.

These changes affect procurement exercises which are subject to the regulations which implement the EU procurement directives. These threshold values are revalued, in Euros, every two years by the European Commission. The Commission then applies a conversion formula to the revised Euros figure for those Member States which have their own national currency.

A summary of the main threshold values which will apply under these regulations from 1 January 2018 are below. The value of these thresholds has risen.

The thresholds set out in the Procurement Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 have not changed.

Public bodies must observe these revised thresholds in relation to all procurements which commence on or after 1 January 2018.

Summary of thresholds from 1 January 2018 (net of VAT)

Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015

  Supplies Services Works
Entities listed in Schedule 1(a) £118,133 (€144,000) £118,133 (€144,000) £4,551,413 (€5,548,000)
Other contracting authorities £181,302 (€221,000) £181,302 (€221,000) £4,551,413 (€5,548,000)
Contracts subsidised by a contracting authority(b) N/A £181,302 (€221,000) £4,551,413 (€5,548,000)
Small lots £65,630 (€80,000) £65,630 (€80,000) £820,370 (€1,000,000)
Social and other specified N/A £615,278 (€750,000) N/A

(1) Schedule 1 of the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015 lists central government bodies. These thresholds will also apply to any successor bodies

(2) Regulation 14 of the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015 specifies what constitutes a subsidised contract

Utilities Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2012

  Supplies Services Works
All sectors £363,424 (€443,000) £363,424 (€443,000) £4,551,413 (€5,548,000)
Small lots £65,630 (€80,000) £65,630 (€80,000) £820,370 (€1,000,000)

Concession Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2016

  Supplies Services Works
All sectors N/A £4,551,413 (€5,548,000) £4,551,413 (€5,548,000)

Defence and Security Public Contracts Regulations 2011

  Supplies Services Works
All sectors £363,424(€443,000) £363,424(€443,000) £4,551,413(€5,548,000)
Small lots £65,630(€80,000) £65,630 (€80,000) £820,370 (€1,000,000)
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