EU exit guide for fishers: Fish in UK waters and land in EU

Guidelines to assist the industry in understanding the additional regulatory requirements resulting from the UK leaving the EU without an agreement.

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STAGE 1: OBTAIN CATCH CERTIFICATE: The Master/agent. As the exporter will need to obtain a validated Catch Certificate(s) to forward to the EU importer.

STAGE 2: SUBMIT PSC1 TO NORTH EAST ATLANTIC FISHERIES COMMISSION (NEAFC): The Master will need to to submit the PSC1 form to the North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission (NEAFC) and this will be validated by the vessels flag state. 

STAGE 3: NOTIFY EU PORT OF LANDING: The Master/agent, as the exporter, will need to notify the EU designated port at least 4 hrs before its arrival.

STAGE 4: SUBMIT COMPLETED CATCH CERTIFICATE: Before landing, the EU importer will need to complete the declaration (section 11) on the Catch Certificate and submit to the EU competent authorities of destination/EU Member State(s) within the required time frame.

STAGE 5: LAND CATCH IN EU: The vessel will land its catch.

*This process also applies to fishing in third country waters (e.g. Norway; Faroes; EU), if the UK has the appropriate agreements in place. Please contact Marine Scotland for updates.

Fish in UK waters and Land in EU leaflet
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