Equity loan scheme - call for evidence: consultation

The equity loan pilot has delivered energy efficient and zero emission heating solutions to eligible homeowners since its inception in 2017. We now wish to consider the potential to develop the pilot as part of the suite of support schemes for the decarbonisation of Scottish homes.

Summary of Call for Evidence Questions

Question Number Question
1 What is your view on the use of equity in people's homes in order to support the decarbonisation of buildings and the improvement of energy efficiency as a means to improve wellbeing and support independent living? Please explain your answer.
2 If you have direct experience of the Equity Loan Pilot, please provide views or evidence on the impact of the loan product and support provided.
3 Do you have views on the eligibility and scope of the pilot as it exists now? Please explain your views.
4 What is your view on the contribution a Nationwide Equity Loan Scheme focused on both energy efficiency and decarbonised heat solutions can make towards supporting our climate change and fuel poverty targets? Please explain your answer.
5 Please provide your views on the proposal to expand the Equity Loan Pilot to a full Nationwide support scheme, please explain your position.
6 Do you have a view on which energy efficient measures and zero emission heating solutions should be included in the list of eligible measures? Please explain your position.
7 a: Do you agree that a nationwide Equity Loan can support the reduction of fuel poverty in Scotland? b:Do you have any suggestions on how a future scheme could better support a reduction in fuel poverty in Scotland? Please explain your answer.
8 a: The Equity Loan Pilot uses the EPC recommendations as a basis for eligible measures which can be funded by the loan and we will be consulting on a reformed EPC assessment process to better align with wider net zero objectives as part of our Heat in Buildings Strategy. Do you agree with using the EPC in this way for a future scheme? b: Can you provide any alternatives? Please explain your position.
9 a: Do you agree with the proposed approach to consumer protection set out above? b: Are there any additional consumer protection measures that can be considered within Scottish Government competence? Please explain your position.
10 The expansion of the Pilot could provide a greater opportunity for eligible homeowners to participate in scheduled refurbishment works being undertaken by local housing associations and local authorities. Do you have suggestions on how best to achieve such a working partnership? Please explain your position.
11 Do you have any suggestions on how to ensure delivery of the scheme is efficient and robust, including the legal process and customer support service whilst ensuring value for money? Please explain your answer.
12 Please provide your views on any challenges and/or opportunities offered by the potential expansion of the pilot.


Email: heatinhomesequityloan@gov.scot

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