Equally Safe 2023 - preventing and eradicating violence against women and girls: strategy

The Scottish Government and COSLA's commitment to preventing and eradicating this violence and addressing the underlying attitudes and systems that perpetuate it.

Our vision and aim

This is a plan to eradicate and prevent violence against women and girls (VAWG), and it is right that we take this focus given the prevalence and harm caused by the different forms of violence experienced because of being a woman or girl.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to create a Scotland where women and girls are safe and have the potential to live flourishing and fulfilling lives. We all need to play our part in challenging and transforming the attitudes and beliefs that perpetuate, excuse, and attempt to legitimise VAWG. Women and girls should not need to change their behaviour, and should not be blamed, shamed or further traumatised when they seek support or access to justice.


A strong and flourishing Scotland where all individuals are equally safe and respected, and where women and girls live free from all forms of violence, abuse and exploitation — and the attitudes that help perpetuate it.

Aim of Equally Safe

To work collaboratively with key partners in the public, private and third sectors to prevent and eradicate all forms of violence against women and girls.


Email: ceu@gov.scot

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