Equally Safe in Colleges and Universities Core Leadership Group: terms of reference

Terms of reference for the Equally Safe in Colleges and Universities Core Leadership Group.

The Equally Safe in Colleges and Universities Core Leadership Group has the following remit:

  • to develop a two year Strategic Plan informed by the Equally Safe Strategy, evaluation evidence, and by known priorities for the university and college sector, to guide the future development of Equally Safe in Colleges and Universities
  • to develop Annual Operating Plans, informed by the Strategic Plan. These should:
    • set out the range of projects (including existing planned activities and proposals for development in light of the Strategic Plan) supporting the Equally Safe in Colleges and Universities Strategic Plan
    • set outcome/impact measures and agree associated milestones/KPIs
    • identify where shared areas of work can be most effectively coordinated
    • identify and articulate supporting funding
    • identify issues where economies of scale might be achieved by taking a national approach
  • the Core Leadership Group will have responsibility for ensuring the effective delivery of the ESCU Strategy and Annual Work Plans and the evaluation and reporting thereon
  • to Seek out and develop partnerships to support and inform the work
  • to Participate, where necessary, in Task and Finish Groups
  • ensure monitoring and evaluation of projects to assess effectiveness and identify improvements

Frequency of meetings

Quarterly and online after initial establishment phase.

The Core Group will publish the minutes of its meeting and its agreed Strategy on gov.scot.

The Core Leadership Group will also publish an annual summary of its work and report to the Scottish Government’s Equally Safe Programme Board.


Members of the Core Leadership Group are as follows:

  • Mr Jamie Hepburn, Minister for Higher Education, Further Education, Youth Employment and Training, chair (Scottish Government)
  • Jill Stevenson, AMOSSHE
  • Susannah Lane, Universities Scotland
  • Andy Witty, Colleges Scotland
  • Suzanne Marshall, College Development Network
  • Nicole Beattie, NUS Scotland
  • Fiona Drouet, Emily Test
  • Niamh Kerr, Rape Crisis Scotland
  • Nicholas Edwards, University of Aberdeen, University HR Network
  • Davena Rankin, UNISON, Trade Unions
  • Lynn Killick and Rachael Adamson, Scottish Funding Council
  • Debbie Browett, Scottish Government

Support: Daniel McCarron, and Steven Paxton, Scottish Government

25 November 2021

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