Equality outcomes and mainstreaming: report 2021

Update on our progress incorporating equality across its activities, summary of equality outcomes 2017 to 2021, report on new outcomes 2021 to 2025, data set and mainstreaming information.

Annex A

Annex showing coverage of pay gap data

  • Showing coverage of pay gap data
  • Breakdown of Pay Groups
  • Scottish Government Main & SCS

Core Directorates General of the Scottish Government

  • Directorate General – Constitution and External Affairs;
  • Directorate General – Economy;
  • Directorate General – Education, Communities and Justice;
  • Directorate General – Health and Social Care;
  • Directorate General – Organisational Development and Operations; and
  • Directorate General – Scottish Exchequer.

Agencies and Non-Ministerial Offices

  • Accountant in Bankruptcy;
  • Disclosure Scotland;
  • Education Scotland;
  • Scottish Public Pensions Agency;
  • Student Awards Agency for Scotland;
  • Transport Scotland;
  • Social Security Scotland;
  • National Record of Scotland;
  • Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator;
  • Scottish Housing Regulator;
  • Revenue Scotland;
  • Food Standards Scotland; and
  • Scottish Fiscal Commission.

Staff serving elsewhere on assignment, loan or secondment are regarded as being part of SGM & SCS except where provision has been agreed for other terms and conditions to apply.

Scottish Government Marine

  • Officers and crew of Marine Protection Vessels;
  • Officers and crew of Marine Research Vessels;
  • Marine, Engineer and Safety Superintendents; and
  • Officers or Ratings staff undertaking temporary shore-based assignments.


Email: bruce.sutherland@gov.scot

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