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Equality outcomes and mainstreaming: report 2021

Update on our progress incorporating equality across its activities, summary of equality outcomes 2017 to 2021, report on new outcomes 2021 to 2025, data set and mainstreaming information.

24 Mar 2021
Equality outcomes and mainstreaming: report 2021

Equality Outcomes and Mainstreaming Report 2021 This report should be read in conjunction with the suite of documents published alongside. These include:

• a summary of the Scottish Government’s progress against its Equality Outcomes for the period 2017 -2021

• a report on the 2021 -2025 Equality Outcomes

• a Scottish Government Employee Equality Data annex

• a summary of Mainstreaming activities in Scottish Government Agencies

• a stage one report for the review of the Public Sector Equality Duty in Scotland

As per above this report and associated documents provide an update on how the Scottish Government is continuing to promote and advance equality in all that it does. It provides a picture of ongoing work to review the operation of the Public Sector Equality Duty and how equality and mainstreaming is being embedded into the organisation. It also provides information on how the Scottish Government has ensured that equality has been central to the response to the Coronavirus pandemic. It should however not be viewed as a totality of the wide range of work that the Scottish Government is progressing to promote and advance equality.

Outcome Progress Summary

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Data Annex

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Mainstreaming in Agencies

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Equality Outcomes 2021-25

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