Coronavirus (COVID-19) dementia action plan: equality impact assessment

This equality impact assessment (EQIA) considers evidence around equalities categories and outlines a number of actions required to ensure equitable access to the policies in our national action plan to continue to support recovery for people with dementia and their carers.

Extent/ Level of EQIA required

22. In undertaking this EQIA we have appraised what the potential impact the actions outlined in Dementia and COVID-19 National Action Plan are likely to be in relation to Protected Characteristics and several further equality considerations.

23. We want to ensure the Dementia and COVID-19 National Action Plan meets the needs of all service users. Our Plan is inclusive of everyone. In taking an inclusive approach, we are clear that a core principle of this work is to uphold the dignity and rights of everyone with dementia in a way that responds effectively to their needs.

24. The evidence gathering exercise outlined the necessity of conducting a full equality impact assessment on this action plan, including external engagement with stakeholders including equality groups, people with dementia and dementia carers.

25. As such, commitment 3 of the plan committed the Scottish Government to conduct a full equality impact assessment on this plan. In undertaking this impact assessment we are appraising what the potential impact the actions outlined in the plan are likely to be in relation to protected characteristics under the Equality Act and several further equality considerations, including socioeconomic inequality, rural/ remote locations and digital exclusion.

26. New regulations came into force on 23 December mandating the preparation of Island Communities Impact Assessments (ICIAs). ICIAs will ensure that the Scottish Government and public bodies consider the specific needs and interests of Island Communities when developing and updating policies, strategies and services. Although a separate ICIA has not been conducted for this Action Plan, considerations around Island Communities have been taken into account through considering the impact of these regulations upon rural/ remote communities, including but not limited to Island Communities.

27. Specifically, the EQIA considers impacts on equalities groups based on the three tests it is required to address:

  • Does this policy eliminate discrimination for each of the 9 protected categories (PCs)? If not is the discrimination justifiable? Can it be mitigated?
  • Does this policy advance equality of opportunity for PC groups?
  • Does this policy foster good community relations between people of PC groups?



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