Environment, natural resources and agriculture - strategic research 2022-2027: overview

We are investing around £50 million a year into a portfolio of strategic research to ensure that Scotland maintains its position at the very cutting edge of advances in agriculture, natural resources and the environment.

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Part of the Research Strategy 2022 to 2027 for Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture highlighted the lack of flexibility inherent in a five-year programme of research. The flexibility to commission short-term policy-led projects has significant impact for policy making and is currently delivered through the Contract Research Fund. This function will be enhanced by the introduction of the Responsive Research Fund (RRF) in 2022 to 2027.

In 2022 to 2023, we are providing £200k of funding. In this initial year, as a pilot, proposed research themes within the RRF will be identified through:

  • main research providers via knowledge exchange (SEFARI), horizon scanning and centre of expertise (CoE)

The process of calling for work will be through:

  • policy led proposals – going out for competitive contracts through public contracts, or
  • academic led proposals – advertising for academic grant proposals
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