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Enterprise and Skills Review: call for evidence

Published: 15 Jul 2016
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Call for evidence for the ‘end-to-end’ review of enterprise and skills services announced by First Minister on 25 May.

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Enterprise and Skills Review: call for evidence
Review questions

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Review questions

The Review will draw on existing published Scottish Government reviews and evidence. We are keen to understand all relevant evidence and experiences to decide how best to take forward those services funded and delivered through Scottish Government and our agencies.

Our vision is to make Scotland's economy one of the best in the world: to make a step-change in our economic growth, productivity and social inclusion; and for Scotland to rank in the top quartile of OECD countries for productivity, inequality, sustainability and wellbeing. We will achieve this through investing in our people and infrastructure; fostering a culture of innovation; boosting inclusive growth; and promoting Scotland on the international stage.

We welcome your views on any or all of the questions below.

Personal experience

1. Have you had direct interaction with enterprise or skills advice or support? Y/N

2. Tell us briefly about your experience:

  • what were you trying to access?
  • through whom and when?
  • what was your experience?
  • what worked well and less well?
  • how did you find the quality, ease and speed of service?
  • what did you think of the cost or value of the service?

3. If you have not used such services can you outline why this is the case?

Reflections on the system of support

4. What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of the current approach?

5. What needs to change in the current system of support to make it simple and clear, and help us deliver Scotland's vision?

6. What are the right:

  • roles;
  • services;
  • skills; and
  • behaviours

needed from our agencies to support this transformation?

7. How might we ensure this step-change reaches and benefits all of Scotland, building on regional and local strengths?

8. How would we know if the system is working better?

9. How might public resources be deployed most effectively to match priorities, deliver value for money, and flow through the minimum number of levels and organisations to the user?

10. Is there any other published evidence, or good practice, which you would particularly highlight that you wish us to take into account during the review?

Please provide any other relevant comments you may have.

You will also need to tell us about yourself - please see opposite.