Enhanced Enforcement Areas Scheme (Scotland) Regulations 2015 local authority guidance

Guidance for local authorities on the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014 (SSI 2015/252) Enhanced Enforcement Areas Schemes Regulations 2015.

Annex 1: Checklist

The written application for Enhanced Enforcement Area designation should provide the following information:

Information (√)

Map, plan or description showing the area to be designated

Strategy for improving standards in the PRS

Summary of the evidence considered by the local authority in determining the area set out in the application that demonstrates the area has a concentration of properties let by private landlords, where those properties are characterised as being of a poor environmental standard, there is overcrowding and a prevalence of antisocial behaviour.

Which powers are being sought and the purposes for which those powers will be used.

Details of how the local authority will advertise to landlords, tenants and the wider community should the area be designated as an Enhanced Enforcement Area.


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