Energy Statistics for Scotland - Q2 2023

Overview of key facts and trends relating to energy in Scotland for Q2 2023.

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Renewable Electricity Capacity

In the last twelve months, renewable electricity capacity has risen, up 10.9% from June 2022 to 14.9 GW in June 2023 (figure 6). This is due to increases in onshore and offshore wind capacity.


Figure 6: Renewable electricity capacity (up to June 2023)


As of June 2023, 477 renewable electricity projects with a capacity of 23.0 GW are in the pipeline (figure 7). 4.2 GW of these are under construction, most of which are offshore wind farms off the Moray Firth. 6.7 GW are awaiting construction and 12.0 GW in planning.



Figure 7: Renewable electricity pipeline capacity by planning stage and technology.


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