Energy Efficient Scotland: consultation on further development of the programme

The consultation seeks to gather evidence which could support a change to the proposed timeframe to deliver standards for all properties across Scotland in an achievable and realistic way.

Consultation Questions - Summary

Part 2

Pace of Delivery

1. With regards to achieving an accelerated delivery of the standards proposed, do you think mandatory action for owner occupiers would be required? Please provide a rationale for your answer.

2. What trigger points, e.g. sale, renovation, etc. could be used to require owner occupiers to undertaken energy efficiency improvements?

3. When should mandatory energy efficiency targets be introduced for the owner occupied sector?Should they be introduced before 2030?

Impact of Pace on Supply Chain

4. From a supply chain perspective, do you think bringing forward the timescales for the Programme would have a positive or negative effect on quality, skills & capacity and consumer protection?Please provide a rationale, and evidence where possible.

Impact on Fuel Poverty & Climate Change

5. In your view, how would accelerating Energy Efficient Scotland help, and/or how would it hinder, plans to address fuel poverty?

6. With regards to reducing the emissions associated with the supply of heat, what are your views on consideration of energy efficient improvements alongside changes to heating systems?

Part 3

Private Rented Sector

7. What are your views on using change of tenancy as a trigger to require the increased standard?

8. What are your views on using 1 April 2025 as the date to start applying the minimum standard of C when there is a change in tenancy?

9. With regards to providing a useful tool to landlords planning and executing improvement works, what are your views on basing any cap of required works on a definition of cost-effectiveness and technical feasibility?

Part 4

Impact on Supply Chain: skills and capacity

Considering the recommendations made by the Quality Assurance Short Life Working Group:

10. The Short Life Working Group have made recommendations which they believe represent the actions required to ensure that Energy Efficient Scotland will achieve consistently high levels of quality, health and safety and consumer protection. Do you agree? If not, what more or less should be done?

11. Do you have any views on how this can be achieved whilst at the same time ensuring maximum participation from suppliers across Scotland regardless of their size and geographical location?

12. What do you think the role of Scottish Government should be in ensuring the quality criteria are consistently met?

Part 5

Heat Networks


13. Taking the above into account, what further incentives could drive further heat demand onto networks?

14. Taking the above into account, what further assistance could support the growth of approximately-sited, low carbon heat networks?



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