Energy Efficient Scotland consultation: Making our homes and buildings warmer, greener and more efficient

This consultation runs in conjunction with the Energy Efficient Scotland route map and asks for views on proposals on standard setting for domestic and non-domestic properties, access to EPC data, and on legislation.

The Programme and use of EPC data (Domestic and Non-Domestic)

Use of data to support building owners and public bodies

70. Within both the Route Map and this consultation document, we discuss plans to improve the data we gather and the way in which it can be presented, both to support building owners in undertaking improvement and in monitoring and enforcement of regulations.

71. Since December 2008, the lodgement of data to the Scottish Energy Performance Certificate Register ( SEPCR) has provided a growing resource which is now being developed to support broader action as we move to the implementation phase of the Energy Efficient Scotland Programme.

72. Recently, we published the first extract of data from the SEPCR. This contains all the data presented on each current EPC and Recommendations Report held by the register with only address data removed. [13] Further information on the published dataset can be found at

73. We are keen to support users, in particular householders and local authorities, in gaining access to the current EPC data in a straightforward manner. The intention is that better use of available information will improve understanding of how buildings can be improved simply and effectively. To support this goal, we are seeking your views on where you would like to see improvement in access to EPC data and to the information in documents such as the EPC and Recommendations Report. We also seek your views on the type of resources or new online tools you would find useful to support broader use of this data.

Consultation Questions

25. What additional data would help building owners in the delivery of the Energy Efficient Scotland Programme? How would this be used?

26. What additional data would be helpful to others in the delivery of the Energy Efficient Scotland Programme? How would this be used?

27. We will investigate the benefit in providing new online resources or tools to support building owners to access and use data to help them improve their properties. What particular types of resources or tools would you find useful and why?

28. In addition to the above, we welcome any specific comments or observations you may have on the future use of the data that is gathered from energy assessments.


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