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Energy efficiency in social housing: guidance for landlords - revised 2020

Published: 11 Mar 2020

Guidance for social landlords on the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH).

35 page PDF

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35 page PDF

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Energy efficiency in social housing: guidance for landlords - revised 2020

35 page PDF

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1. More information on the Act is available at:

2. More information on Energy Efficient Scotland is available at:

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5. At the date of issue of this guidance, the latest version of the SHR guidance is published at (December 2019)


7. Details of the development process are available in the archived EESSH website at

8. SAP 10 methodology is currently being developed, see para 5.3a below. Upon completion, Scottish Government will consider commissioning analysis to enable the extension of the relevant Tables within this guidance to include SAP 10.

9. see SHQS guidance Annex L at:

10. At the date of publication of this guidance, the Scottish Government is consulting on new energy efficiency standards for owner occupiers, see






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26. Missing shares can be used for works which can be made by a majority decision under the Tenement Management Scheme, which includes installation of insulation, see guidance at, paragraphs 16-17



29. More information on Home Energy Scotland is available at: