The Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (Scotland) Regulations 2019: consultation

Consultation on private rented sector housing regulations 2019, for the improvement of energy efficiency and condition standards of privately rented housing in Scotland.

Consultation questions

Consultation questions are noted here for reference. Please provide your input to the consultation via Citizenspace.  If unable to access the online consultation, you can use the separate Respondent Information Form (RIF), published alongside this consultation paper and the questions below. (see supporting documents)

Please note that it is important that, in answering each question, you also provide the reasons for your response.  This is essential in understanding your view and greatly assists in developing an overall picture of the issues that relate to the proposals.

Question 1

Do you think that the proposed approach to exemptions both within the Regulations (Regulations 11-13) and amplified in the Guidance (Chapter 4) provides you with sufficient clarity on meeting the standard or seeking an exemption to that standard?

Please set out the reasons for your response.

Question 2

What are your views on the existing mixed nature of support (financial and advice) available to landlords and tenants?  Include any additions or changes you think would assist.

Question 3

How would the changes you suggest influence the speed with which you would expect improvements to occur?

Question 4

How long in advance of the regulations coming in to force should local authorities take account of expenditure outlay on measures which are intended to meet the standards set, and what information would you expect to provide to local authorities to seek an exemption based on the cost cap proposed.

Question 5

What are your views on the proposed penalties, in terms of the impact they will have on achieving compliance with the Regulations and ensuring the completion of carry out improvement works across the Private Rented Sector.



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